The usage, drinking, storing, teacups of black tea

The usage of black tea

Leaf black tea, Mixed black tea, Powder black tea
  • Whole leaf tea: Brew and after that drink it.
  • Mixed leaf tea: Mixed by regional theme, and the period of harvesting black tea
  • Aromatic black tea: Fragrance of crude oil and real flowers
  • Mixed black tea with fruits: Citron, strawberry, apple, kiwi, blueberry etc
  • Mixed black tea with herb: Agastacherugosa, chrysanthemum, lemon balm, Peppermint etc

Drinking the black tea

Hot black tea, Cool black tea
  • After boiling the water over 100 degree, and in the state of 90~95 degree, put 2 grams of black tea and brew for 2~3 minutes.
  • Cool black tea can be made by putting 2 grams of black tea in 200ml of cool water and brew it for 6~8 hours, or store the hot black tea in refrigerator.

The tools need for making the black tea

TangKwan, DaKwan, teacup, teacup mat, filter, teaspoon, tea kettle, clock, and a scale

The storage of the black tea

Tea usually stores for 2 years while sealed, and if it is opened, it is recommended to drink as fast as you can or store it on refrigerator or on room temperature.