「Thanks for visiting Cheonbodawon homepage.」Now we’ll introduce the Cheonbomyung tea which produced in our tea plantation.

The Cheonbomyung tea garden is placed in Hwechon, Boseong, where the major tea production in Korea is located. This tea plantation is the best place in Korea to grow the green tea, regarding its altitude – 400m above the sea lever, inclination of 45 degrees, and the gifted climate – the average precipitation is above 1500m per year, and staying higher than 10℃ even in the winter season.
We took only the newly grown leaves from the 35th years old tea trees, and processing them with the traditional handmade method, thus the high-valued, inimitable green tea which has different savor and incense with the others is produced. Cheonbomyung tea’s leaves are grown in the fresh breezing and mist from the South Sea, taking the morning dew, thus it is the perfect pollution-free and natural food. We, all Cheonbodawon staffs, will try our best to keep producing the qualified green tea.

Thank you.