"Adding the last factor, sincerity, to the five senses, so the six senses are completed."

Cheonbomyung tea is grown in the best place in Korea to produce the green tea, regarding its altitude – 400m above the sea lever, inclination of 45 degrees, and the gifted climate – the average precipitation is above 1500m per year, and staying higher than 10℃ even in the winter season. We took only the newly grown leaves from the 35th years old tea trees, and processing them with the traditional handmade method, thus the high-valued, inimitable green tea which has different savor and incense with the others is produced.

  • 2000Establishing Cheonbodawon in Boseong-gun, Jeollanam-do
  • 2003Starting a store under direct management
    Lunching the Cheonbomyung tea,
    which is our company’s own
  • 2004Joining Boseong Green Tea Producers’ Association
  • 2007Lunching the unique brand, Owole
  • 2007Entering the Hyundai Department Store
  • 2007Making supply contact with various companies;
    including ING Life Insurance, Sansung Life Insurance,
    Hanhwa Life Insurance, Seoul Rehabitation Hospital
  • 2008Starting the office specialized to the capital area
    (Bucheon, Gyeonggi Province)
  • 2008Managing Owole Pension www.owole.co.kr
  • 2011Removal of the capital area office
    (Guangmyung, Gyeonggi Province)
  • 2004Win an excellence award in the first tea show in Korea
  • 2009USDA-NOP
  • 2009(EU ORGANIC FARMING)-laws for organic productconfirmed
    Japanese Organic laws. (Organic JAS) Confirmed to be an
  • 2010Win an excellence award in Korean federation of tea culture
  • 2004
    Confirmed an environmental friendly organic products
    Confirmed to be organic produced food
  • 2013Bo-Seong fermented- tea show the Top Prize
  • 20147th Korean- tea showGrand Prize
  • 2015Myung-Won Culture Foundation
    Special Achievement Awards